Mobica named one of Europe’s top 10 industrial IoT solutions providers by Manufacturing Technology Insights

Mobica named one of Europe’s top 10 industrial IoT solutions providers by Manufacturing Technology Insights

Mobica_Award-Mobica has been recognised as one of Europe’s top 10 industrial solutions providers by Manufacturing Technology Insights.

One of the leading titles covering technology advances in the industrial sector, Manufacturing Technology Insights made the announcement in its latest issue, which features an interview with two senior Mobica leaders as its cover story.

The magazine interviewed our Chief Revenue Officer, Gary Butters, and our Connected Sector Director, Robert Fletcher, to discover how Mobica has positioned itself to act as a catalyst for next-generation connectivity.


The conversation touched on the brand’s acquisition by Cognizant, one of the world’s largest professional services companies, discussing how this move has helped augment innovation on both sides. The team also talked about Mobica’s three-tier approach to transformation, specific concerns and challenges currently facing the market, and technology developments that decision-makers should be keeping a close eye on, such as private 5G networks for running industrial operations at optimal efficiency.

Mobica continues to stand apart from its competitors because of its cross-domain experience. This places the company right at the heart of technology developments, leading to expertise and insights that cannot easily be replicated.

Gary Butters, Chief Revenue Officer at Mobica


Our people are our value. Through hard work, world-class engineering skills, and a commitment to always going the extra mile, I truly believe we’re unrivalled in the talent-as-a-service sphere.

Robert Fletcher, Connected Sector Director at Mobica

The news arrives as Mobica rounds off its most successful year to date.

In 2023, Mobica has:

  • Worked with 14 new clients
  • Run 128 projects
  • Achieved an average Net Promoter Score of 77 (with above 50 considered excellent, this is an accomplishment we’re particularly proud of - any score higher than 70 is deemed world-class)
  • Driven greater employee engagement, with a 12% increase when compared with 2022’s score
  • Accomplished a work-life balance score of 88% with Mobicans
  • Recorded an engineering attrition rate of 8% - much lower than the average tech company
  • Led The Silicon Review’s Top 30 ranking of the Fastest Growing Tech Companies

Commenting on this accolade from Manufacturing Technology Insights, Gary Butters said: We’re delighted to be recognised as one of Europe's top 10 industrial IoT solutions providers by the title, which is highly-regarded by many in the manufacturing sector. From private 5G connectivity and machine learning, to AI and predictive maintenance, industrial operations are evolving fast to meet the latest digital demands, and we pride ourselves on constantly pushing not only Europe’s, but the world’s technology ambitions forward.

A big thank you to the Manufacturing Technology Insights team for taking the time to understand what we believe to be the secret behind Mobica’s success in this industry, and capturing the essence of what sets our business apart. Ultimately, it’s down to our solutions-oriented and multi-talented software specialists, who consistently raise the standards of what’s possible for the manufacturing industry.”

The interview is available to read in full in the November 2023 issue of Manufacturing Technology Insights.