Top five considerations when searching your next tech role

Top five considerations top tech talent should consider when searching for their next role

Moving beyond simply thinking about salaries means looking for a position that meets your needs as a person.

With the global IT skills shortage, employees have more choice than even when it comes to finding the role that is right for them. Salary matters, of course, but once you have that, what other things can inform your decision? 

Quite a lot, actually. From wellbeing to career development, a lot goes into choosing the right job for you. We think that these are the top five things tech talent should consider when searching for their next role:

A significant challenge

No-one likes to be bored on the job. Tech talent, in particular, has a reputation for enjoying the problem solving process. Choosing a role with stimulating and interesting things to do will ensure work is not transformed into drudgery. In addition, working with new and cutting edge technologies and prestigious clients will keep things fresh and even exciting.

Work/life balance

An out of kilter work/life balance is a real problem, and reports of emotional exhaustion and burnout testify to this. Especially true in jobs of passion, such as software development, work that you love can become a problem if work is all that there is. It’s OK to eat, breathe and sleep software if you love it, but work projects should not be colonising your life. A company that understands putting employees under too much pressure will ultimately backfire may demonstrate its commitment to the whole you in a number of ways: perhaps they have family-friendly operations, for instance, while an increasing number now offer remote and hybrid working. Whatever the options, you should think about your wellbeing when choosing an employer – and ensure that they think about it too.

Ethical operations

Your work should feel like something that improves the world, so why should your workplace feel any differently? We all have different priorities, but working for a company that actively pursues ethical work and embodies those ethics in its business operations can be a tremendous boon. Perhaps you are concerned about sustainability and the environment, or perhaps you want to see greater strides taken toward gender equality? Whatever issues you think are the most pressing, the key is finding a business that aligns with your values and understands that when those values are deeply embedded in the culture, not just emblazoned on corporate reports, they even make a positive contribution to the bottom line.

Career development

Where will you go after your next role? And after that? Perhaps your next role could be the final change of employer – if you have found one that offers real scope for internal promotion, that is. More broadly, career development should be on offer, from courses and certification, to the recognition that tech people don’t want to stand still forever. Perhaps you want to learn a new programming language, or maybe you want to move into management? Wouldn’t it be nice to work somewhere where these possibilities were a reality? And a company that wants to push the boundaries of what is possible with technology is more likely to understand that it needs to invest in its people.

A top team

Top talent deserves a top team. Top not just in terms of what it achieves or the skills of its members, but in a broader sense: collegial and cohesive. Working together is always better when you and your colleagues have a team spirit and the workplace is a caring environment where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

Your next career step could be your most extraordinary yet. Take a look at our latest positions to be a part of a brighter future.