Our strategic partnerships_

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It’s our mission to bring real and lasting value to every project we work on; to become your first choice software development partner and one you know you can depend on to have their finger on the pulse of new technology and deliver excellence every time.


The affiliations and partnerships we have developed over time make sure we can do that.

Thanks to a strong network of relationships with some of the tech industry’s leading players, we are able to stay abreast of emerging technologies, access exclusive resources and provide an even more extraordinary service to our global customers.

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Our partners_



Mobica’s mission is to advance the union of physical and digital worlds through pioneering products and experiences that improves how people live their lives. In this context, Mobica is a Microsoft IoT Edge Solutions Partner with respect to the Microsoft Azure Sphere solution, including Cloud and Edge.

Azure Sphere is a comprehensive IoT solution that provides a secured, connected MCU, a custom Linux-based OS and a cloud based security service. Mobica’s Azure Sphere certified software engineers are ready to support Enterprises building their IoT solutions with Microsoft Azure Sphere IoT, on a global basis.



We have been a member of the Apple MFi Program for Developers since early 2015 and we are presently working with our key customers to develop and deliver within Apple’s Ecosystem.



We’re a trusted member of the ARM Partner Ecosystem. We have worked with ARM for a number of years and have particular expertise in the development of Mali GPU graphics and Mbed OS.

Mobica is a proud Mbed development partner and member of the Arm Functional Safety Partnership Program


Imagination Technologies

Mobica is part of Imagination Technologies Partner Ecosystem and has experience in supporting licensees with the PowerVR DDK (Driver Development Kit). We've been working with Imagination Technologies and their ecosystem of OEMs and ODMs since 2007 to optimise the DDK for operating systems such as Android, Linux, WebOS, and Windows. Our membership of the programme gives us an early insight into new developments, as well as access to support, enabling us to get the most from Imagination’s products


The Khronos Group

We’ve been a member of the Khronos Group since 2013, contributing to the development of Khronos API specifications and helping to accelerate the delivery of their cutting-edge 3D graphics, compute and vision platforms through early access to specification drafts and conformance tests. Our engineers contribute to a number of working groups and have particular expertise in the development of conformance test suites.


Open Synergy

Mobica and OpenSynergy work together on the development of embedded software products for the next generation of vehicles to enhance integrated driving experience”



We are one of the original founder members of the PKN - the Polish Committee for Standardisation, allowing Mobica in Poland to take an active part in C++ Standardisation. PKN is a member of ISO, IEC , CEN and CENELEC communities. It is also signatory (as NSO) of the MoU with ETSI.


How We Work

When you work with Mobica, you will work with proactive, talented people who are great at getting under the skin of advanced technologies. They have what it takes to help you push your project forward at pace.


Success Stories

Mobica has a depth and breadth of experience in a focused set of technologies and specific domain expertise, which enables us to bring an immediate contribution to both our clients and their specific challenges.


Our Approach

At Mobica, we take the time to listen and understand - because getting to know your business makes us better equipped to help you achieve your objectives.

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