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Our expertise will enable you to embrace the Internet of Things.

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We can help you to pioneer new and exciting IoT solutions

that will lead your industry into the era of Industry 4.0.

The breadth of our skills base means we can bring together all the competencies required to deliver IoT solutions – covering embedded systems at device level, gateway protocols and backend infrastructure in the cloud.


This ability to enable core IoT technologies allows you to focus on the transformative ideas that can exploit the potential of connected things – that could be to control and manage industrial equipment, analyse automotive fleet performance, or for a multitude of other potential uses.


Whether your project is machine to machine or consumer facing, we can help you turn your vision into reality – helping you to conduct viability studies, create a proof of concept and move forward with implementation.


In combination, this means that your new solutions will perform to the highest possible quality standards before being released.  

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Fintech and Paytech

Mobica has a long history of working with world’s largest financial and payment companies to develop innovative technology solutions. These projects include the creation of point of sales solutions, mobile wallets, loyalty apps, banking integration layers and much more.

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Media and Entertainment

We are enabling content producers, broadcasters and telecommunications companies to connect with their audiences in new and exciting ways. Our broad engineering skillset is helping customers to build OTT platforms that allow audiences to stream content on a multitude of devices – via web applications, mobile phones, in vehicles, and more.

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Consumer electronics

We are working with many of the most pioneering and best known global brands, helping them to bring ground-breaking products to market. Our talented engineers provide access to the expertise needed to embrace new and emerging technologies – such as computer vision, machine learning and augmented and virtual reality – empowering our customers to create amazing consumer devices.

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