We enable semiconductor vendors to get closer to their customers

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Our deep knowledge-base has also led to Mobica playing a key role in helping to define the industry standards for GPU and CPU acceleration technologies.


Mobica has long standing relationships with many of the world’s largest vendors in the semiconductor industry. Our deep understanding of the low-level platforms needed to enable silicon chip technology is helping vendors to support customers looking to exploit the potential of their products.


Our work includes the development of drivers, BSPs, firmware, middleware and the operating system enablement that underpins broader technology ecosystems.


We also play an active role in helping to demonstrate new silicon product features to companies operating in various sectors, including automotive and retail. Our experience of supporting the semiconductor industry in this way has provided us with a strong appreciation of the product development cycles and confidential requirements that our customers expect.

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Delivering a mobile Point of Sale solution for a leading payment services provider


Identifying potential gas leaks in seconds

Developing a mobile emissions detection system for a global technology company


Bringing emerging technology to the consumer market

Mobica supported a major tech company in the development of next gen video calling

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We are helping our customers to deploy the technologies that will drive the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Our talented engineers have played a key role in creating solutions for many of the world's largest industrial OEMs – allowing them to realise the potential of the internet of things (IoT).

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Big Tech

Mobica is a development partner for Big Tech – helping them to bring their latest innovations to the mass market. Our talented engineers have supported a host of projects from the development of home assistance devices to next generation sports analysis.

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Consumer electronics

We are working with many of the most pioneering and best known global brands, helping them to bring ground-breaking products to market. Our talented engineers provide access to the expertise needed to embrace new and emerging technologies – such as computer vision, machine learning and augmented and virtual reality – empowering our customers to create amazing consumer devices.

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