Big Tech_

We deliver for the biggest technology companies in the world


Mobica is a development partner for Big Tech – helping them to bring their latest innovations to the mass market. Our talented engineers have supported a host of projects from the development of home assistance devices to next generation sports analysis.


The breadth of our skills and expertise, particularly in semiconductors, embedded systems and testing, has also played a crucial role in helping Big Tech introduce the benefits of emerging technologies to consumers. This has included the enablement of machine learning and computer vision for gesture recognition, optimised streaming, virtual reality and more.


Our understanding of these technologies and our ability to integrate seamlessly into existing internal teams, is helping Big Tech to augment their own capabilities and capacity – meaning they can bring new products to life faster. 

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Whatever the concept, we can help customers to turn their transformative ideas into retail reality. 

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Our deep knowledge-base has also led to Mobica playing a key role in helping to define the industry standards for GPU and CPU acceleration technologies.

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Consumer electronics

Our experience in working at the leading edge of consumer electronics also allows us to provide continuous testing and updates. This ensures devices that are already live in the market always perform to the highest possible standard.

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